Reiki for Kids

Once upon a time

in St Albans, I met a cute angelic looking boy. He was about 18 months old with a cheeky grin and a mop of blonde hair.
His dad was a good friend of mine who I had known for years, but we had lost touch for a while for many reasons, including my own diagnosis of breast cancer.

How the story began

I had not had much experience with toddlers to be honest so it was a real learning curve for me. He was, in my limited experience, crazy!!! Running around a Duracell battery toy, making the most ridiculous noises, flapping his hands and other actions I felt was just bizarre and to be honest weird.

Dad and I found our relationship changing albeit slowly until we decided to give a proper relationship a go. I had to get my head round the fact that it would never be just us two, but always us 3. He lived with dad permanently. I had to make the boy like me. Accept me. Liking meeting the parents but so much more stressful! I was sure that with my amazing parenting skills I could turn this child into an angel on the inside as well as the outside.

Not part of the plan

Boom! At 2 ½ the child was diagnosed with autism. Bloody hell. Well that’s ok, I know about autism, I’ve seen movies, it will be fine.

Boom! And ADHD??!! Jeez….

Well that explains a lot. The hyperactivity, the inability to sit still for more than 5 minutes, the screaming at bath time, the head banging…

Adventures in Babysitting

Dad was struggling, had had to give up work, was stressed, dreaded having to go shopping, and just wanted some time to himself to maybe do the odd job.

So I offered to babysit. Yep. It was exhausting. Multiple episodes of Brum, with him being Brum the whole time “driving” around the lounge.

Sod this. I didn’t want this. I wanted romance and spontaneity and gifts and… you get the picture.
But then the child looked at me and smiled. Bugger.

So I tried something. I had recently been attuned to Reiki 2 but not really done anything with it. One day I put a movie on. Something like Cars I think. He’ll never watch it dad said. So I sat next to the child and put my arm around his back barely touching him and channelled reiki to him.

1 hour and 20 minutes he sat. Mostly still, and then cuddling into me. I actually wanted to cry. Dad was gobsmacked.

no police required here thanks!

The next challenge was bath time. Mostly the hair washing. When it took place while I was there, I was always waiting for the police to turn up from a call that someone was being murdered! This time I sat with him (on the floor), channelling reiki as he played with his boats and toys. Then the time arrived. I was actually quite scared. I gradually started wetting his hair. All good. Shampoo. All good. Rinsing. Ok until some shampoo got in his eyes and there were tears, but no screams. A hair wash had been attempted and had been completed without major incident!!

Of course next time dad did it, murderous screams were heard. So bath time became mine. Along with reiki and a halo to keep the water out of his eyes.
Obviously, I then had to marry the dad…..😂

This is only two of the ways that reiki has helped a child with adhd and autism in my experience. They are many more, different ways as he got older.

Since then, I have added crystal therapy to my tool box and set up Spectrum Reiki.  I am passionate about both reiki and crystal healing and truly believe they can make a difference in time.

If you think Reiki is something you’d like to try, either for yourself or for your child, please drop me a message.  You can find more about how Reiki can help here

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About Me - Fiona Mackie

Hi, I'm Fiona!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this Blog!

I am a Reiki Master, Pro Crystal Healer and qualified Oracle Card Reader and Teacher.

I have been interested in all things spirituality for many years and have experienced the awesomeness of reiki and distance reiki personally. This led me to train to incorporate it into my own life.

I became an “Autism Mum” in 2005 and now have a teenager with ADHD and High Functioning Autism.

I have seen first hand how holistic and spiritual therapies can benefit a spectrum child or adult and this blog is intended to share my stories, tips and advice.

Please do get in touch if you would like any further information or to book a session.




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