Crystals for School Anxiety

School is a four letter word

School is a word that can bring about a variety of emotions both for children and their parents.  
Some children LOVE school.  They are eager to learn, are comfortable being around other people and lap up the knowledge like cats to milk. 

Some HATE school.

As parent, it depended on the day of the week! 

I don't like Mondays!

There are the children who dread Monday mornings.  The thought of sitting in a classroom for hours, reading and writing, learning subjects that mean nothing to them and homework – well, lets not even go there.  

School struggles are real.  Whether its an inability to make friends, not really understanding the lessons, not getting support, and of course, everyone’s favourite –  bullying.  

And that is without any special needs such as autism or ADHD.  

Not part of the plan

All of these elements can lead to mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. 

We do what we can to make life as easy for our kids as possible, and many have no fear of pushing back and letting school know exactly what our kids need and how they are, at times, failing so badly. 

There are, of course, many medications out there that can help with anxiety and depression, but adding some holistic help may give your child, and you, a boost.

In particular, there are a number of crystals that I believe can help with various elements of school hell.  

Crystals can help with anxiety and low mood, memory and concentration, communication skills and self confidence.  


Having a healing sessions isn’t the only way that crystals can be used or indeed be beneficial.  

They can be carried in a pouch kept close (bra is always a good one!) or in a pocket.

Some children like to have them in their pockets – having something that is tactile that they an hold or rub can be beneficial whatever the crystal.  

Although many schools don’t allow jewellery, for older children,  necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are great ways to have crystals close. 

For those wishing to have crystals in pockets (or other discrete places!) the chosen crystal should be small and not sharp.  Tumble stones are the perfect shape and size for this type of use.  

Another option is to have the appropriate crystals by their bed or under their pillow. 

Having crystals next to them when trying to do homework can be beneficial, as this could help not only with focus, but also with harmful EMF frequencies from devices.   

After all, what ASD or ADHD child doesn’t use a device!

In those circumstances, larger tumble stones or even rough, raw crystals can be used.  

The size and shape doesn’t matter to much, just so long as the crystal has the opportunity to do its work!

Getting in touch

For further information or to book a crystal therapy session for you or your child, please do get in touch.  You can find out more about crystal therapy here

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About Me - Fiona Mackie

Hi, I'm Fiona!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this Blog!

I am a Reiki Master, Pro Crystal Healer and qualified Oracle Card Reader and Teacher.

I have been interested in all things spirituality for many years and have experienced the awesomeness of reiki and distance reiki personally. This led me to train to incorporate it into my own life.

I became an “Autism Mum” in 2005 and now have a teenager with ADHD and High Functioning Autism.

I have seen first hand how holistic and spiritual therapies can benefit a spectrum child or adult and this blog is intended to share my stories, tips and advice.

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