How To Protect Yourself Against Energy Vampires

I have to be honest, I’ve had a thing for vampires since I can remember, starting with the old black and white movies with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing (who??) to Buffy and everything in between.

However, when it comes to “energy vampires”, I’m really not that keen.

Some of you may have heard the term before, for others it may be new, but chances are you will have experienced it at some point if you haven’t realised it until now.

In short, an energy vampire is someone that drains us of our energy. 

You may have come into contact with people, even friends and family, who leave you feeling exhausted after every encounter but didn’t really understand why.

Instead of sucking blood, they sap our vital energy, weakening us and potentially causing us to feel out of sorts emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

What does the term Energy Vampire mean anyway?

Well, there are people that live life believing they have no control over things that happen to them.  They are convinced that because something happened in the past, bad things will continue to happen, everyone else is to blame and there is no point trying change anything.

They lack self-confidence, self-belief and therefore attach themselves to other people’s energy field to take their positive, confident, empowering energy to make them feel better.   

This attachment is formed by invisible “cords” connecting both parties (think something along the lines of an umbilical cord). The cords remain even when you are not present in each other’s company and can be used to unconsciously steal your energy instead of using their own. You could receive their energy whether positive or negative, and that is probably the reason why you find yourself feeling depressed or angry or getting a headache for no obvious reason.  Chances are it’s not actually you feeling this way but unless the attachment is broken, this energy transference will continue.

Its important to note that not all cords are negative ones, but only negative cords can be cut.

So how do you identify someone as an energy vampire?

Think about how you feel when you are with people.  Do you come away feeling great about yourself and life, and thinking that you just had an awesome time?  Or do you feel fuzzy, tired, a bit irritable and depressed?

The latter would indicate that the person you are with is draining your energy.  

Some common traits are as follows:

  • Says they feel lonely, abandoned or rejected and hate being alone
  • You feel you need to constantly reassure them, and they have a “poor me” attitude
  • Bit of a drama king or queen
  • It feels that it is all about them and you never get a chance to speak
  • They are unhappy most of the time and seek other people to fix their problems

You start to notice the signs more and possibly start putting off seeing them regularly or not looking forward to it as much, which is sad especially if it is someone who has been a good friend and a big part of your life.  Most people have no idea that they are doing it and even if you told them, they would probably laugh in your face.

For them, it’s about taking back their power from wherever and whoever they gave it to.  Taking responsibility for their own actions and creating their own lives.   Its not easy for anyone, especially someone who has suffered knock back after knock down, but you don’t have to write them off completely.

So what to do?

Cutting these cords is the best way to ensure that your energy remains your own as simply not seeing them is not enough.

Some suggestions of how to do this are below:

  1. Call in Archangel Michael and ask him to cut all negative cords from our aura. Visualise him using his sword to do this.  If this seems a bit out there, there are some visualisations and mediations on YouTube that can help.
  2. Using a selenite wand to move through your aura around your body, front and back, each side, from head to toe. If you are drawn to use another crystal, then please go with your intuition. 
  3. Burning sage or palo santo can cleanse your space and your aura, removing any negativity including cords.
  4. If you feel the attachment is with someone you no longer have contact with, such as an ex-partner, then safely burning photos, letters etc. that memories are attached to is another option.
  5. Sometimes just writing down how you are feeling is enough to release any negativity, whether it’s a daily journal or a specific letter. If the latter, you may wish to safely burn it as a way to ask the universe to help you release those feelings and emotions.


In the end it has to be something you are comfortable with and that resonates with you and enables You to take back Your power

Feeling grounded and secure helps us stay rooted in our power, providing protection from energy vampires trying in the first place.  Walking barefoot, spending time in nature or wearing specific crystals are all great ways to help this. 

how can spectrum reiki help?

When having a reiki or crystal healing session, I always check for and remove any negative cords that may be attached to your aura before starting the session to ensure that the healing energy goes to and stays with you. 

So, if you think you may have some cords that need to be removed then please do drop me a line. 

Would you like to know more?

For further information or to book a reiki or crystal therapy session for you or your child, please do get in touch.  

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