How Spectrum Reiki Began

Spirituality has always been of interest to me – I can remember my very first tarot reading back in 1995 shortly after my mum had passed away.  It blew my mind and brought comfort at the same time.  

However, it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004 that I was introduced to the world of holistic therapy.  I had never even heard of reiki but a friend offered me a session to help me cope with my array of delightful chemotherapy symptoms.

Approaching with an open mind, I was staggered by the results.  It took away the nausea and helped me feel less anxious and more relaxed so that I could sleep better.  It also re-awakened my interest in spiritualty and started my curiosity into holistic medicine. 

I subsequently became attuned to reiki and went on to become a Reiki Master.

It took a second diagnosis of Breast Cancer in 2019 put me on my current path.  A different but equally harrowing journey.

To help me navigate this voyage both physically and mentally, I started looking into other holistic and spiritual practices to join my self-reiki treatments and I was drawn to crystal therapy.  

My love of crystals spurned me on to complete the Pro Crystal Healer course offered by Krista Mitchell (The original Rock Whisperer).  I totally love how these beautiful shiny stones can affect and heal so many different issues. 

These modalities help me and my family navigate challenges as well as day to day life, especially since becoming an autism mum.  

And this is how Spectrum Reiki began!

My wish is to help others overcome their own obstacles, in particular those encountered dealing with an autism diagnosis. 

No challenge is too small to conquer together.

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Sessions are private and confidential


Sessions can be tailored to fit your needs


Knowledge of autism and ADHD

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