What is Reiki?

Reiki is about channelling positive energy into another person’s energy field and removing any negative energy.  It can help clear energy blocks which can manifest as either pain, illness or any heightened emotion.  

Reiki can help with many symptoms including headaches, nausea, aches and pains, as well as emotional issues, such as anxiety, stress, depression.  By helping to balance emotions, Reiki promotes calm and the ability to function better.


Reiki Energy Healing for Autism and ADHD

Reiki has been found to be very beneficial for anyone on the Spectrum as it helps reduce overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety; creates a feeling of relaxation and calm, as well as improving sleep.  A Reiki session can help bring about a general feeling of happiness, improve concentration, and uplift our overall well-being.  

Reiki can also be used to focus positive energy toward a forthcoming event or to help support healing from something that happened in the past.  

If coming into contact with someone they do not know or attending a strange place can be too overwhelming, there are various ways to channel reiki to someone without putting them in that position. 

Reiki supports the whole body and mind

There is currently no “cure” for ASD or ADHD and many feel that there is indeed nothing to cure.

However, when Autism/ASD or ADHD has a serious impact on a person’s life, there are a number of medications that can be prescribed intended to treat various symptoms such as anti-depressants, ADHD medications and drugs to control aggressive behaviour.  

The downside is that, as with all medications, these can cause side effects.  Whilst many are insignificant, there are some that can actually be worse that the symptom they are attempting to cure.   

Reiki can bring balance

There are many different and varied symptoms that make up the Autistic Spectrum and what Reiki can do is help to balance the person as a whole by addressing each symptom.  

It is known that ADHD can make focus and concentration difficult, often affecting school, work and other important tasks.

Children with ADHD may struggle and fall behind at school, whereas adults may experience difficulties at work, effecting promotions and advancement in their chosen career. 

Some may also have difficulty with personal relationships.

Studies have shown that Reiki healing can have a positive impact and provide a number of benefits to someone with Autism, ADHD or any other kind of special needs. 

Reiki Healing Autism ADHD

Reiki in Person

Distance Reiki Autism ADHD

Reiki by distance

How can reiki help asd and adhd

Reiki Healing Autism ADHD Stress Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

Stress can exacerbate many symptoms such as hyperactivity.  In addition, living with ASD can be stressful in itself.   Studies have shown that Reiki can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, lessening these symptoms and bringing a feeling of calm.

Quality of Sleep

Many people struggling with ADHD or ASD experience sleep disturbances, including trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, problems with sleep cycles and more. These sleep disturbances have a direct effect on health and can make many symptoms worse. Reiki can help to improve these sleep patterns resulting in a more restful, restorative sleep.

Reiki ADHD Autism Sleep
Spectrum Reiki Relaxation


People with ADHD can sometimes find it hard to calm down even if there is no obvious reason to be excited.  Reiki can help induce relaxation and reduce hyperactivity.  Over time, it may prove easier for someone with ADHD to relax outside a Reiki session.

Mood Boost

Some people with ADHD can suffer with depression and low mood. Regular Reiki sessions can help lift those feelings and feel more optimistic of life.

Reiki Autism ADHD Mood Boost
Reiki Autism ADHD Concentration


One of the main difficulties reported by someone with ADHD is the ability to concentrate. Reiki can help improve concentration over time, helping to maintain focus more effectively. In turn this can improve success at school, work and in everyday tasks.


Whether adult, child or parent of someone with ASD, they can often feel that they are living with disorder they cannot control. Reiki can help reclaim some of that control by being able to deal with various symptoms and improve quality of life.

Reiki Autism ADHD Control
Reiki Healing Autism ADHD Interaction


Reiki is completely non-invasive and causes no side effects.  It will not impact any other holistic or western treatment plan.