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Fiona Mackie
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In the beginning

I have always been interested in spirituality, tarot cards, crystals, all things a little bit woo.

However, it was a Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2004 that really introduced me to holistic therapy. 

At that time, I knew nothing about Reiki, but a close friend offered me a session to help me cope with chemotherapy symptoms.


Approaching with an open mind, the results amazed me.  Firstly, my nausea was completely reduced and secondly, my anxiety reduced, and sleep improved. 

Moreover, it re-awakened my interest in spirituality and began my curiosity into holistic medicine. 

As a result, I trained to become a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher – Reiki


However, a second Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2019 put me on my current path.  A different but harrowing journey.

In order to help me get through this physically and mentally, I began looking into other holistic and spiritual practices.  

I love crystals, I completed the Pro Crystal Healer course offered by Krista Mitchell (The original Rock Whisperer krista-mitchell).   Not only do I love the energy of these beautiful shiny stones, but I am also in awe of how they affect and heal so many different issues.– Crystals


Along with using Oracle Cards (which I also learnt to read), these therapies have helped me deal with challenges and day-to-day life since becoming an “autism mum”.  

These therapies have also helped to support my son who loves crystals and regularly asks for oracle card readings to help him work out for himself an issue that is bothering him.  

My goal  is to help support children and adults on the Spectrum using these modalities, as I have seen how they can help. 

I also want to support their families and carers, by offering them some “me time”, whether the therapy be for a specific issue or simply for some relaxation.   

It for these reasons, any many, that Spectrum Reiki was born.  

why come to Spectrum Reiki?

Spectrum Reiki Confidentiality


Sessions are private and confidential

Spectrum Reiki Flexibility


Sessions can be tailored to fit your needs

Spectrum Reiki Experience


Knowledge of autism and ADHD